MDS blog hop - it's all about Babies! Blue and pink galore!

Welcome to our BABY!!! My Digital Studio Blog Hop!  Today we're showing off projects with a baby theme.  I took some photos of Abigail just as she was waking up in the morning.  She wasn't too impressed but I love the pics because this is always how she looks in the morning - a little dreamy and dazed.  Now, honestly I really don't care for the layout that I did this week.  I kept altering it and altering it.  Different papers and different embellishments.  This is the combo that I liked best, but it's still not complete.  What would you change about it?

My sleepy little baby girl
If you would like to see a baby layout that I am much happier with, scroll down to the post directly below this one - I LOVE love love that layout!

Hey Blog Hoppers -
I would like to invite you hop on over to these other wonderful blogs to check out the other projects  today.  Please leave the ladies a comment - I know they'll love it.  Each Friday we will be offering a new theme and I hope that you pop back weekly to check them all out.

Have a wonderful day, Alesha 

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Pie for the Eye said...

Love the pictures. What program do you use for your layouts? Your dd's sleepy, just woken up baby face is adorable!


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